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Chess Lessons

Online or in person. Tailored to your needs. Every skill level welcomed.

Advanced Coaching

Take your current game to the next level. Focus on strengths and weaknesses. Set personal goals.

Speaking Engagements

WIM, Dr. Carolina Blanco offers motivational and inspirational speaking events.

Chess Camps

Virtual and in-person chess camps around Atlanta.


Founder & Instructor

Dr. Carolina Blanco

Carolina holds two World Chess Titles given by The World Chess Federation, F.I.D.E (Fédération Internationale des Échecs) as a Women Fide Master obtained at the age of 12 and as a Women International Chess Master obtained at the age of 19.


Feel Confident

All Skill Levels

Dr. Carolina Blanco’s focused teaching strategies can be adapted to all skill levels and paces. Ortho Chess offers Online and in-person lessons and services from beginner to advanced players.

Rewarding Results

Progress at Your Own Pace

Regardless of current skill level you will feel challenged but never frustrated, while progressing at your own pace. Dr. Carolina Blanco’s unique teaching style mixes hard work with fun to help students find their own style, identify strengths and improve weaknesses.

Develop Skills

Maximize Results

Dr. Carolina Blanco’s methodical approach will help advance and develop skills in chess and throughout life. Ortho Chess students will develop many skills that will translate from chess to everyday life. These skills include problem solving, abstract reasoning, creative thinking, pattern recognition, strategic thinking, patience, and calmness under pressure.